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Health Care Law

What is health care law?

Health care law focuses on the legislative, executive, and judicial rules and regulations that govern the health care industry. The health care industry includes hospitals and hospital systems, other health care providers (such as nursing homes, psychiatric centers, acute care centers and health maintenance organizations), public and private insurers, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, and the individual practitioners who treat patients. Some of the regulations relevant to this industry include Stark, HIPAA, Anti-Kickback Statute, EMTALA and state privacy laws.

What do health care lawyers do?

Health care lawyers often represent clients in the health care industry in connection with general corporate matters, including corporate reorganization, capital financing, employee benefits, tax, and antitrust issues and general contract negotiation. In addition, health care lawyers often provide advice regarding physician recruitment, acquisition of physician practices, and medical staff relations matters. Health care lawyers also provide guidance concerning Medicare and Medicaid fraud, abuse and payment issues, HMO and insurance regulation, telemedicine and health reform issues. Finally, health care lawyers often address risk management, informed consent, confidentiality, and bioethical issues including end of life decision-making, assisted reproduction, and health care decision-making.

Why choose Rechtssitz lawyers for health care law?

Hospitals, medical professionals, insurance organizations and other service providers in the health care industry face a number of industry-specific legal challenges. Increased regulation, intensified government scrutiny, operational and financial concerns, and an aging population are among the many issues shaping the way the health care industry does business. Faced with these challenges, those in the health care sector rely on experienced lawyers to assist them with legal needs. Rechtssitz’s interdisciplinary Health Care group includes lawyers with the experience necessary to provide sophisticated, cost-effective legal services to health care clients.

We represent a broad range of health care clients, including:

Our Working Process

1. Planning The Case

Planning the best strategy and gathering information and details

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Questions You May Wonder?

With the worldwide pandemic, a number of industries have been negatively impacted, both in the short term and the long term.

Do you charge for a consultation?

In Rechtssitz, we never charge for an initial consultation. At the free initial consultation, we will discuss the details of your potential case, the legal process and answer any questions you may have.

How often do I need to come to the office?

Never! We would love to meet you, but we understand that you’re busy. All of our work can be performed over email and phone calls. If we need your signature on something, we’ll mail it to you.

Can you help me ?

If you need help with something relating to the business of healthcare, the answer is probably yes! Our services include:
HIPAA compliance and risk assessment
Telehealth/telemedicine guidance
Sexual harassment and violence prevention policies
Corporate practice of medicine doctrine compliance
Health tech company start-up and compliance, including corporate governance
Medical device and fitness equipment company start-up and compliance, including corporate governance

How will I be kept informed of my case?

We know that you have a busy schedule and yet want to stay informed on your case proceedings. We will keep you informed as to any important updates in your case so that you are well up-to-date but not overwhelmed. We are here to support you and take some stress away by keeping track of all of the detailed proceedings in your case.

What are your business hours?

Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 7pm. However, we’re committed to returning calls within 24 hours or less, so please feel free to contact us outside of these hours and we’ll get back to you. For more information on our legal services or how we can help you, please call free on 0800 689 1700 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail. Alternatively, you can email us at: and one of our team will call you back.

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