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At Rechtssitz, we care about quality. The quality of people, their abilities, but also the quality of their humanity, which we are pulling together for a common success.

The most important supporting point for the provision of our services are members of our team. Thanks to their talent, skills and enthusiasm we can do our job perfectly. And that is why we do not say that we do everything but just what our members really can do and know. People are our most valuable asset. Our team consists not only of employees of our law firm but also of independent experts, co-workers and partners who belong to the elite in their field. Building and maintaining a network of experts and appropriate contacts is a key element for us.

David Forman

Lawyer, Consulant
David Forman was admitted to the United Kingdom Bar in 2014 and worked for a new established law firm in the past, until 2017.

Eva Thomas

lawyer, consultant
After successfully completing her legal studies at the University of Bielefeld and at Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf, ....

Laura Rosse

lawyer consulant
Laura Rosse has obtained her legal degree at Heidelberg University with excursions to Moscow and Tel Aviv and a focus on ...

Lucas Lutov

lawyer, consultant
Lucas Lutov studied law at the University of Hamburg with an emphasis on criminal law. During his legal training at the .......

Marius Tauer

lawyer ,consulant
Marius Tauer studied law at the Universities of Kiel and Freiburg. He carried out his legal training in Hamburg and Paris and ....

Matt Altera

owner , partner
Matt Altera studied law at the University of Cambridge and at the University of Oxford for msc information technology law.....

Maximilian Roth

owner , partner
Maximilian Roth studied law at the University of Oxford. His legal training at the Regional Court of London included working

Melissa Mikos

Melissa Mikos worked as a lawyer at two international commercial law firms in Munich from 2010 to 2016. She then joined the Group Legal Department of ....

Robert Blanchet

Robert Blanchet studied business administration and law in Wiesbaden and Mainz and received his doctorate from the University of Cologne for.....


Born 1979 Vung Tau, Vietnam In 1980 I moved to Germany Gymnasium Farmsen Hamburg University of Hamburg with B.A. in American Studies and...

The Best Quality

Rechtssitz stands for expertise and dedication. We provide our clients with the best possible solution.

Legal Experience

Rechtssitz is a law firm who has received certification from many accredited agencies.

Award & Certificates

Rechtssitz is a law firm who has received certification from many accredited agencies.

Dedicated Advice

A lawyer has a duty to give his client the best possible advice without regard for his own financial circumstances.

CAREER of integrity

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We are different. We are not a regular employer and partner. We take care of the pleasant environment, relationships, motivations and ambitions of our people, as well as of the harmony between work and family life. We believe that provision of legal services is not just a normal job. It is a life mission, which requires predetermined characteristics and abilities.

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