The Story Of Our Success

We are Rechtssitz, a law firm with a passion for success. We never sleep till our client get justice.

The law firm Rechtssitz was founded by Maximilian Roth and Matt Altera in 2014 and is growing since then. We have specialised in providing consulting services for any juridictional cases. With our office in four different countries, we are located at places with a long-standing history as law-firm centre and quick and easy access.




Our Beginning

In 2014 the Rechtssitz law firm was founded by brilliant and successful lawyers Maximilian Roth and Matt Altera. Since its early beginnings, the firm has always focused on being the best company and worked closely with its national and international clients. This is still the case today. Since the first days of the company, our mission has always been to win all cases and to help our clients in every need for their legal problems.

23TH July 2015

The Earliest Achievements of Rechtssitz

As for any company, the beginning is very difficult, and it was also for the Rechtssitz law firm. Through the leadership of Matt and Maximilian and a well-trained team of five young lawyers, our company was successful from its first steps. In the first year of the law office, our company solved the legal problems of 50 clients who trusted our lawyers. Our lawyers, with their will and passion, manage to succeed in every legal issue they faced. With these successful steps that our law firm had, it gave us the opportunity to become a big firm as well as a big team.



2st march 2016

The Rise of Rechtssitz law firm

With the success that we achieved, the possibilities for our company to become bigger than it was were opened. Counting approximately ten issues received every day by our firm and contacts from more than 50 clients per day. We achieved success thanks to the work and the principles that we follow these years that we have been active as a law firm. Our principles are these:

The Awards Given to our Law Firm

The Rechtssitz law firm success is recognized by many law award agencies. Since the begin of our law firm till today, we have won numerous prestigious awards by the best law award agencies. Still this doesn’t stop us from working and grinding every day for our clients.



28TH january 2020

Expanding our Boundaries

Our success does not stop at one place. Rechtssitz law firm, as of today, we have offices in four different countries. Those are Germany, UK, USA and Australia. The members of our team consist of the most successful lawyers in the whole world with many diplomas and awards. We can say that Rechtssitz Law Firm is one of the largest global firms.

Major Achievements of Rechtssitz Law Firm

Rechtssitz law firm has won numerous awards by the best award agencies and we have one of the biggest clientel in the world. Counting more than 20 awards for our firm.  With the best lawyers and the great passion and dedication we have at the Rechtssitz law firm, we have become one of the biggest law firms in the world.

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