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Strange Accident Happened

Strange Accident Happened

Case Details

Client: William Cornwell
Attorney: Matt Altera
Case Start: 07/05/2018
Execution Time: More than a year
Result: Winner
Other: Your Custom

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Summary Of The Case Studies

When William Cornwell got into a car accident on the highway, he didn’t think much of it. There wasn’t a lot of damage. His car had a scrape on the driver’s side. In fact, he was able to drive away. But, when he started feeling worse he decided to call a Rechtssitz car accident lawyer.

The Problems Being Encountered of the Case

William and his sister were driving on highway. His car was in the slow lane. The traffic slowed down, and so did William. But, a driver in the fast lane was distracted. He didn’t notice the traffic slowed down until it was almost too late. Startled, he swerved into the slow lane to avoid hitting the car in front of him.

But, he didn’t notice William’s car. His car sideswiped Mr. Cornwell’ car and pushed it off the road. He was able to regain control and stopped on the shoulder of the highway. William’s sister called the police to report the accident.

Our Approach And Solution

William felt fine for the rest of the day. But when he woke up, he was in pain. He was in so much pain he went to the emergency room. After checking him over, the emergency room doctor told him he was sore and it should clear up in a few days. After visiting the emergency room, William called us. He explained his situation, and we explained his options. We documented everything and opened a file for him. Since the emergency room told him he was just sore, we told him we would follow up with him in a few weeks. But, he should call us if his situation changed.

Attorney In This Case:

Matt Altera

Lawyer, Consultant

Why choose this lawyer: Matt Altera studied law at the University of Cambridge and at the University of Oxford for msc information technology law. He was admitted to the United Kingdom Bar in 2007 and then worked in a law firm in Birmingham.

Our Working Process and Solution

William’s insurance told him they were ready to settle his case. He had a damaged car and a visit to the emergency room. Insurance offered a couple thousand dollars. After all, he had limited tort insurance. Should he take it? The emergency room told him he would be fine, but we told him to wait. A month went by, and Mr. Cornwell wasn’t getting better. In fact, he was getting worse. The pain was so bad, William couldn’t work. So, he went to his doctor. The doctor did an MRI and found a fracture and severe bruising on his hip. He recommended physical therapy. William started physical therapy. After a month of physical therapy, he returned to his doctor. There was no improvement in range of motion or pain. So, his doctor ran a few more tests. It seems Wiliam had more injuries than they found in the first MRI.

William needed hip replacement surgery. After the surgery, he was off work for several more months. Even after the surgery healed, William couldn’t work. After 30 years at the same company, he took early retirement.

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Taking the case to the court and win it

Taking the money from the insurance

Both parties making an agreement between them

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The Outcome of the Lawsuit

We were there with William throughout his whole case. In the beginning, we weren’t sure if we could help him. But, it was good that he called us. When things got worse we were ready to help him. In the end, William received $219,500. This covered all his medical bills, lost time from work, and more.

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